My Skills

UX/UI Design

I will dive into a process of understanding what is the best  interaction and satisfaction that the user can get from yours product ?

Graphic Design

Over the years I have learned to master many design tools  that allow me to create my own assets from icons all the way to complex 3D models.

Implementation Guidance

Developing clear and intuitive applications allows to create a great impact on productivity and reduce time and costs as well.



Anna Perelman
Avi and I worked closely together at Dell and Avi was a great addition to the team from the moment we found him. He took our UI to the next level and helped us understand ourselves in the process. I loved his patience and his boundless enthusiasm for the work and for teaching others like me how to fish. Anyone who works with Avi will feel lucky to have him.

Anna PerelmanPrincipal Content Developer at Dell EMC

Backend Engineer
Avi was very professional and did a great job designing and adjusting our Mobile app assets and mockups. Was easy to work with, and had fast deliveries!

Liran GlikTech-Lead (Backend) Senior Software Engineer at Fiverr

The project had strict timelines and Avi worked hard as to not be a bottleneck at any time. He also worked with Technical Writers on documentation, Product Owners to coordinate work items, and Architects and Product Managers in order to and plan for future features.
I heartily recommend Avi Hanan as a designer and UX expert.

Kfir WolfsonCloud System Architect

Reuven hozias Fron Ent Developer
Avi is an outstanding UX manager I got lucky to work alongside with for 6 years. I’ve seen him deliver great designs and UX in several project, help team cross sites, always with a professional attitude and a smile, i really hope we’ll work again someday!
I heartily recommend Avi Hanan as a designer and UX expert.

Reuven HoziasSenior Frontend Engineer at Dell

Avi worked in my UX/UI team at RAD. His thoughtful approach to the complex design challenges he was faced with on a daily basis gave the whole team a high opinion of him.
He is someone who understands the big picture and is able to source great references. He is enthusiastic about his work and works to address a variety of user experience challenges.

Niv SabinzerManager of Product Design (UX/UI)

Vadim eldin Recommendation
Avi has been my “UI/UX right hand” since he joined my team at Rad, initially as a junior UI/UX designer, in 2013. Within three years of his initial hiring he was promoted to senior UI/UX designer tasked with supervising a team of front end
developers within a fast-paced, accuracy-critical environment.
I thus highly recommend Avi Hanan to your firm.

Vadim EidlinProduct Manager


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